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Larger new line and tunnel pasteuriser

We are are very pleased to announce the arrival of their new canning line. In conjunction with their new Tunnel Pasteuriser this gives a 6,000 unit per hour capacity.


We have typically always used Cask Brewing System canning lines but in order to meet increased demands, we’re getting rid of our smaller lines for something bigger!

Key features of our new facility mean advanced quality control features.

We remain the most flexible co-packer offering a wide range of services:

MOQ contract pack of 800 litres

Brewing to 3600 litre brew length

Blending all beverages to 1,000 – 25,000 l batch vols

In-line shrink sleeve application

6,000 can / hr capacity

Nitro Dosing

Filling cans from 150 to 500ml

Tunnel Pasteurisation

A broad range of final pack options

Our new in-line cooling / carbonation system saves you money on your transport. Save on your courier costs by allowing us to package whilst your courier waits. We’ll pack 2000 litres or less within the hour. So drop off, wait, collect and return all in the same day.

Not quite getting that cascade on your cold brew coffee or your stout ?

Come and have a chat with us and we’ll show you how its done properly !


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