UK’s 1st Mobile Beer Canning Service

WeCan Ltd are the 1st UK company to offer a mobile beer canning facility in the UK.

The craft brewing industry in the UK is growing fast. To ensure that these fantastic new beers are enjoyed by all WeCan Ltd have the ability to bring canning equipment to the brewer. All the hassle is taken out of the process for you and within 1 day WeCan Ltd fill up to 30 barrels of beer into 330ml cans.

Their fantastic service starts where they assist the brewer with the production of labels for the cans. Brewers are invited to create their own designs. WeCan then attend the brewery can crack on with the canning.

With over 20 years in the industry we are able to ensure that the canning process does not have any detrimental effect on the taste or look of the beer. Canning provides not only the ability to supply to markets further afield but also extends the shelf life of the beer.

For further information visit or email [email protected]

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