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The UK’s Leading Can-Packer

Continuing to lead with innovation in beverage creation.

The UK’s leading contract can-packer

During a busy 2019 we have continued to grow and expand in a number of areas. Now offering the most flexible contract brewing, blending and can-packing service in the UK. 

Our new lines pack at increased speeds to deliver a broader level of service at larger production volumes. Increased automation gives us the ability to be the most commercially competitive. 

Whilst our origins lie in the CraftBrewing industry, we now cater for a broader range of customers. We’ve not forgotten about CraftBeer and in fact our new facility allows for significantly reduced loss rates, improved micro performance, in-line drying conveyor, in-line labelling (Shrink Sleeve and PSL) delivering better lead-times and commercial competitive.

In a year which has seen changes to our static facility, new innovation now delivers the best quality, consistency, flexibility in service across a brewing, blending and packing service.

We boast the ability to deliver the following;

Contact Brewing from 800 – 3500 litres

Contract Blending from no MOQ to 10,000 litre batch volumes

In-line cooling and carbonation (Packing direct from Arlington Container to minimise waste and reduce risk of micro infection

In-line shrink Sleeve application – at the time of filling

Can sizes from 150ml – 500ml (with all variations in-between)

Nitro Dosing and Nitrogenation

UV and Sterile (0.2 micron) filtration

40,000 units per day packing volumes


Packing in sterile air-filtered environment

Drying tunnel prior to final pack

Quality through in-house seam testing, Anton Par O2 and CO2, in-house and outsourced laboratory

In house brand design

Storage and fulfilment options

Sales via the CraftCan.Directory with free listing to all customers.


We deliver our service for all beverages bar dairy including, wine, alcohol mixers, cocktails, pure water (at our dedicated water only facility), cold brew coffee, CDB infused beverages, functional drinks, juices, beers, ciders and lagers.

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