Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeve and Nitro Dosing Just the start for 2017

WeCan Solutions introduce Shrink Sleeve and Nitro-dosing in another European first

WeCan Solutions Ltd are yet again proving to be the most successful and innovative European Small-Scale Contract Packers by providing a new set of solutions for the beverage industry.

Shrink Sleeve

When WeCan launched their innovative and European-first canning solution for small scale producers, the only financially competitive option for branding cans was using Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL). This has all now changed and looks set to see Craft Beer and other beverages in cans, completely alter the manner in which they are branded.

PSL was, and still is, an effective solution for small scale branding. With the major can manufactures demanding 200,000+ min orders on pre-printed cans, PSL was once the only real option for producers. PSL gave a broad range of finishes and with WeCan Solutions supplying silver and black cans as a standard to their canning service, PSL was very effective.

But, there were always a couple of nagging downsides. PSL are unable to cover the full face of the cans – the ‘shoulders’ of the cans were always exposed, as to was an annoying 5mm gap at the rear of the can. In addition, major retailers would often show a dislike due to the fact that the labels could, in theory, be removed relatively easily.

WeCan have now changed things once again in a manner which is set to revolutionise the way small scale cans are branded. As perhaps a global first, WeCan are able to provide shrink sleeve branded cans at the most competitive pricing at min volumes of only 5000 units.

Shrink Sleeve branding allows for an exceptional finish. Significantly, major retailers permit their use in their stores. Furthermore, the shrink sleeve option allows for the fill face of the can to be branded – without the annoying 5mm gap at the rear.

WeCan have partnered with Berkshire Labels to provide digitally printed shrink sleeve and with stunning quality of finish. This new manner of branding will see a transformation in the way ‘Craft’ is canned.

Paul Rosco, Managing Director of Berkshire Labels said, “Our partnership with WeCan is incredibly exciting and will provide a solution like non-other for the smaller scale producers. This partnership has created another level in branding at volumes from 5000 upwards.”

Andy Hughes, Managing Director of WeCan Solutions Ltd adds, “Yet again we set ourselves apart from our competitors. I’m thrilled at that way this form of branding looks. As we did since 2014, this will again transform the way beer and other beverages look and feel”

WeCan Solutions Ltd currently offers all existing customers the option of shrink sleeve at only a 1.5p additional cost to their current PSL pricing structure. New customers who commit to WeCan before the end of the year will also be provided with this pricing structure.

As always, the first place to be able to purchase product will be the CraftCan.Directory which is fast becoming the best place to obtain fresh, wide-ranging and best priced canned Craft Beverages.

For more commit on Shrink Sleeve and contract canning contact [email protected]

Nitro Dosing

In a series of new additions to WeCans Service, they announce that from February 2017 they will add a ‘Nitro Dosing’ capability.

The use of liquid nitrogen dosing brings the ability to introduce a significant new style of canning. Not only does this allow for the ‘Cascade’ effect on stouts or porters, but also allows for a creamy mouth feel for other beers.

And its not just beers that Nitro Dosing allows WeCan to change, it now allows for the effective canning of many of many other low or non carbonated products such as Cold Brew Coffee.

WeCan have worked tirelessly over the last 12 months to perfect the Cascade effect many brewers are looking from their canned stouts and porters.

Nitro Dosing will be available for products canned using at WeCan static packaging site in Hereford where customer are invited to transport their product for processing and packaging.

For more information, contact [email protected]

It doesn’t stop there ! WeCan also announce further additions to their service as follows :

New 2500 can / hr arrival in January 200, 250, 330, 440 + 500ml can sizes as options, the development of a blending capacity, supply of a range of Presentation Boxes, supply of Chemicals at small volume / free delivery,  ‘re-sellers’ of plain and branded cans at small volume, an E-commerce solution which completely removes the hassle from producers.

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