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Contract Brewing and Conditioning

BPS offer a full contract brewing service at our brewery in Herefordshire.

With a MOQ of just 1200 litres and a brew-length of 35HL we can cater for a wide range of needs.

By combining this facility with our canning facility, we’re able to deliver not only perfect quality but a solution which minimises waste, reduces carbon footprints and makes for a very competitive solution. 

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With a range of solutions to suit you, we offer a number of options from fully contracted brewing to the use of the facility by experienced brewers.

With a large range of hops and malts available, you can be rest assured that not only is the brewery available but so are all of the ingredients.

How Brewery Works

Whether your requirements are for our own Wobbly Brewery Brands, white label, cuckoo brewing or fully contracted we’re able to assist. 

Non alcoholic

We are experienced in the brewing and packing of non alcoholic beers (and other fermented non alcoholic drinks). Unlike many breweries we have the ability to brew, label, pack and pasteurise in order to give you the confidence of product stability.


We offer a number of filtration options giving further flexibility on your drink design.

Multi Packaging Format

Packing beers, lagers and ciders into cask, keg, mini-kegs cans or bottles.

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Grow Your Brewery Today

Thinking of expanding your capacity or starting your own new brewery ? You may well find that the most cost effective option is to leave the production to us, allowing you to concentrate on marketing and selling.

Check out our own brand beers from Wobbly Brewery.

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