Branding and Labelling

We Provide Solutions For Small And Large Volumes

BPS provide you with a wide range of can & final packaging branding options. They suit the small scale production, quality finishes and can be scaled up to the larger production volumes. 

We recognise how essential quality branding is and work with your designers to make the very best use of the latest technology. 

It is well understood that the look of a product is often more important to a new customer than whats inside. Work with us to make sure you canned product really stands out from the crowd.

Our service allows for you to send us your artwork and we will do the rest. You cans will be branded prior to filling for a far improved finish.


With a large range of hops and malts available, you can be rest assured that not only is the brewery available but so are all of the ingredients.

Very low volume labelling solutions

The manner in which we are set up allows us to deliver a unique solution for some of our customers. 

Labelling cans immediately prior to their filling means that the results are far better than post application.

Both Shrink Sleeve and PSL labels can be ordered in digital format meaning no MOQ. This opens up a world of very bespoke branding designed for your customers needs.

Do you have a client which needs a few cans for an event or marketing campaign. Speak with us as the possibilities are endless. 

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Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL)

At very small volumes from 3000 units we are able to apply PSL labels for your cans. These give the most flexible and creative finish to your branding.

The process starts by offering you a Cutter Template via email. This is returned electroincally as part of your order and leave us to do the rest.

Shrink Sleeve

BPS offer the most competitive Shrink Sleeve option in Europe for branding for cans at small volumes. Shrink Sleeves provide a solution which is very similar to, if not better, than a Print Direct to can. They have the added advantage of covering the shoulders of the cans and without a 5mm gap at the rear as is required with PSL labels.

Bespoke labelling

We have refined efficient and effective working practices which save you time, hassle and money.

We offer a service for our customers where we can design and label cans for you. Speak to use about a number of designers which we regularly work with.

Do you have a specific event / occasion you wish to market ? Your very own craft beer, water, cocktail in a can might be useful for marketing, events, sports clubs, weddings and parties.

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