Beverage - Pack - Supply

Our Services

From canning to the final packaging BPS can provide an all in one service to get your product canned and ready for market.

Contract Canning

All Can Sizes Form R&D Volumes To 50,000 Unit Batch Volumes

Beverage Blending

We Assist Our Customers Whether They Are At The Start Of Their Project For A New Beverage Or Customers With A Fully Designed Recipe Ready For Production

Contract Brewing

Contract Brewing Using Our 35 Barrel Brewery. You Will Find Our Combined Service Of Brewing And Packing (Can, Keg, Glass) As Being The Most Cost-Effective Whilst Taking Advantage Of Our Flexibility

Beverage Development

Under Laboratory Conditions We Assist Customers Develop And Scale Up Production

Fulfilment & Storage

We Offer Competitive Rates On Storage (Chilled And Frozen) Of Raw Materials And Finished Product. Let Us Handle Your Fulfilment Also

Branding & Labelling

Our Customers Benefit From The Labelling Of Cans In-Line During Filling However We Offer The Supply Of Cans And Other Raw Materials For Their Filling Off-Site.