Opening Up a New ‘Can Packed Craft Cider’ Market with cold sterilisation.

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  The demand for so called ‘Craft Cider’ in cans saw further growth in 2017 and the next 12 months will see this trend continue at pace. However, it has been prevented in growing as it should due to stability issues – until now. The issue which has prevented many producers from truly taking advantage of this market has been secondary fermentation. Without pasteurisation packaged product deteriorates in quality quickly and in rare occasions cause issues with over pressurised cans. A manner to prevent this is the ‘post fill’ pasteurisation of the packaged product. However, these systems are often not suitable for the lower volumes the ‘craft cider’ defines. WeCan Solutions Ltd are Europe’s largest and most experienced contract can-packers. As part of considerable investment designed to continue to deliver quality, they have invested in equipment which uses a product called Velcorin® to ‘cold pasteurise’ packaged products such as ciders, wines, alcoholic mixes and other beverages. As a microbial control agent, Velcorin® technology controls a wide range of spoilage micro-organisms. With Velcorin®, we offer an effective solution for the cold sterilization of many beverages. Velcorin® (Dimethyl dicarbonate) is added toShrink Sleeve promo beverages at the point of packaging. Within a short period of time the organic compound breaks down into its component parts; methanol and CO2, leaving no change to colour, taste or smell. Alcoholic beverages do not need to include it as list of ingredients. WeCan now offer a service where beverages including ciders are transported using IBC’s or Arlington containers to their ‘Static’ Packaging site in Hereford and packed into Cans or Kegs. The use of Velcorin® in this process allows for a very stable finished product and completely remove the issue of secondary fermentation. Andy Hughes, Managing Director WeCan Solutions Ltd said, “Our new service and the improvements we have made are going to have a huge impact on the smaller scale cider industry in particular. Cider makers have been dogged by the issue of secondary fermentation which has seen them unable to achieve what the brewers have been doing with cans in the last few years.” WeCan now accept volumes of >800 litres. Provide them with artwork (or use their in-house designer) and they will use branding by way of a Shrink Sleeve, Pressure Sensitive Label or Printed can to can-pack your product. They have a wide range of final packaging options. “Being based in ‘Cider Country’ allows us to source a wide number of excellent British producers to facilitate non-cider makers such as brewers in easily adding a cider SKU to their portfolio”, Andy Hughes continues. “Our connections, quality in packing and broad range of service, really does allow our customers to add these SKU’s with ease”. As a WeCan customer, free access to the On-Line, Retail, Trade and Export platform the CraftCan.Directory is given to ensure that canned products are given maximum exposure. For more information visit :   www.WeCan.Solutions www.CraftCan.Directory [email protected][/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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