Final Packaging

Environmentally Friendly, Economical And Effective

Our end of line is semi-automated which allows for a number of options for our customers. Ultimately this is of course a choice for the producer.

Our standard offerings are boxes and shrink wrapped trays (in 24 and 12 can sizes). We do offer a number of other formats which include card collators and gift packs.

We also offer a service where we pick-and-pack / multi-SKU packaging. 

WeCan Solutions are currently offering an exclusive final packaging option which is environmentally friendly, economical and effective.

Wobbly Giftpack

Sustainable Packaging Solution

A significant reason customers are moving to packing in cans is that they have some key facts.

  • Its is by far, the most sustainable form of packing with 70% of the aluminium originating from recycled material
  • Cans are lightweight and have a low CO2 footprint as a result
  • They cool quicker than glass or plastic
  • Aluminium can be recycled an unlimited amount of times. 60 days after being recycled, the aluminium forms another new can.
  • They offer 1005 protection from oxygen, light and contaminants¬†
  • The use of aluminium for beverage can packaging is in huge growth, which is forecasted to continue.

Want something new ?

We love innovation !! We also know how well new things stand out in the market. Talk to us about your ideas in respect your packaging format and let us make it happen.