Contract Brew, Processing and a exclusive form of final packaging

A New Partnership Offers Yet Another Option In Final Packaging

WeCan Solutions Ltd announced a partnership with a new and innovative product called WaveGrip. This world 1st arrangement allows Europe’s largest small-scale contract canner to provide yet another final packaging option for canned products.

Wavegrip is a new sustainable packaging solution specifically designed for the craft beverage industry. Using lightweight photodegradable polyethylene to create rings for multi-packing, the material is the lightest packaging solution available on the market. The photodegradable material is kinder on the environment and material is fully recyclable. Wavegrip has intuitive carry holes that make multi-packs easy to pick up and repair.

Exclusive final packaging from WeCan

Wavegrip has unique tailor-made equipment designed for the craft industry. The Wavegrip material is manufactured in the UK to ensure continuous supply and to keep costs as low as possible.


Mark Wavegrip Business Development

“Here at Wavegrip we are delighted to be working alongside WeCan solutions, WeCan will be leading the way offering Wavegrip. It will be a world exclusive with WeCan being the first in the world to use Wavegrip.”


“We see this as a unique opportunity to work with the market leader in small-scale contract canning. With this partnership, we can see commercial benefits for both parties but more importantly WeCan’s customers. We are excited to grow our relationship and put the foundations in place for an exciting partnership.”


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Contract Canning and more !

WeCan Solutions have grown significantly over the last 12 months and now offer much more than any of our competitors.


In order to remain flexible WeCan now offer a processing ability prior to canning. Although moving the beer to their static site in Hereford is an addition to their unique mobile function, it offers brewers the ability to expand their production by contracting this part of the brewing process out.

WeCan accepts beverages by way of tanker or IBC to Hereford where it can be processed in accordance to the producer’s instruction before being canned.

Not only does this allow WeCan to increase the max volumes to 100 hl, we also announce the reduction in minimum volumes to just 400 liters.

Contract Brewing

In association with Wobbly Brewing Co, Hereford, WeCan Solutions offer a full contract brewing service. Whether our customers are existing breweries or start-up contract brewing for cask, keg, bottle or can is now available.

Andy Hughes from WeCan explains “We were keen to ensure that in the building of the 40 barrel brewery that we would ensure we kept min volumes as low as possible. We’re still able to brew at 400 l and then put the product into the can. This is a perfect volume for ‘test’ brews or business wishing to start their own brand”

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The Directory is now open !

WeCan Solutions Ltd is fast approaching their 2 millionth can! Having assisted 200 brands of craft cans in the UK, Ireland, and Europe we get a lot of inquiries as to where people can buy the product.

The CraftCan.Directory is now open offering consumers the ability to purchase the product before its even canned. Whilst the benefits to consumers are the freshest beers, exclusive offers at the best prices, for brewers it’s another strong outlet.

WeCan Solutions Ltd offers all of their customer’s access to the directory and the marketing of their products.

We’re happy to take the burden of e-commerce away from the brewer allowing them access to bigger markets and export.

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