Contract Beer Canning – On the road !!

As we start to finally wind down for the Christmas period it gives us time to reflect what a fantastic few months it has been for WeCan Solutions Ltd – the 1st mobile canning solution for the Craft Beer Industry in the UK.

WeCan solutions ltd
Contract Beer canning for craft beer industry

As the customer continue to explore the massive range of premium beers we have to offer in the UK the number of UK Craft Brewers increases. Brewers are looking for new and innovative markets and the Can is one option to ensure that the customer base widens.

WeCan Solutions Ltd has risen in the last 12 months from a concept through to reality following some hard work and creativity from our technical advisors.

We have finalised innovative solutions to ensure complete flexibility, ability to manage small volumes (in excess of 10 barrels) and creative solutions for label designs. We have done this whilst maintaining a price which is competitive against more traditional contract solutions.

Where the brewer is able to provide a beer that is carbonated and supplied at < 3oC we are able to achieve some pretty impressive results. Depending on brewers filtration levels we are able to achieve a beer that will have a shelf life at least equal to a bottled option.

So, with 2015 around the corner, its looking like there will be another excellent year for the Craft Brewers in the UK. We cannot wait to tell you more about us and how ‘WeCan’ grow your market through the provision of our canning service.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from all of the WeCan Team !!

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